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Washroom Services & Consumables  

washroom-imageEnvironmental Support Services arranges reliable, tailored delivery, collection, cleaning and servicing programmes to ensure that your washrooms are kept clean, hygienic and fully functioning. We also offer washroom deep cleaning services.

We supply everything required for your washroom, from soap and hand towels, to dispensers and air fresheners (including fitting). We also provide sanitary bins and sharps disposal where required. We can take care of stocktaking, in line with the site's requirements and budgetary requirements. Environmental Support Services can also provide a 'just in time' stock allocation where storage is limited. Within our Hygiene Service, we offer a broad range of products and dispensers, and install them to ensure that your washrooms provide everything that your staff and visitors expect.

We can also offer advice and install water-saving taps and flush systems, as well as supplying environmentally friendly alternatives to the more conventional products. These include:

• Hand dryers and towel dispensers • Feminine hygiene units • Soap and hand cream dispensers • Air fresheners • Vending machines • Dust control/Barrier matting • A variety of other washroom accessories and dispensers

Washroom Deep Cleaning 

Communal toilets and showers are, unsurprisingly, breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. While general daily cleaning provides a good level of cleanliness, over time grime, dirt and limescale builds up in those hard to reach places, including sink overflows, toilet bowls and cisterns, around taps and shower heads, floors and walls, especially corners and edges. Uric acid crystals also build up around sanitary ware, creating odour and blockages. We have the right equipment and expertise to deal with this quickly and efficiently.

A periodic deep clean of this type provides many benefits:

• Improves the reputation of your business • Removes harmful bacteria and eliminates unpleasant odours • Reduces the risk of infection and ill health • Improves the general appearance of your facilities • Prolongs the life of your amenities and pipework • Mitigates the risk of damage from major blockages and leaks

Window Cleaning